A little bit about me and our brand...

Welcome to Âme Studio Co, the destination for all your coffee cups, apparel & accessories. My name is Alma, I am a 25 year old stay at home mom of two and wife to one. I have two boys under 3 and a Aussiedoodle named Hershey, because not only it is my favorite chocolate but she also looks like a Hersheys cookies & cream bar. As a new small business I am very passionate about creating high-quality, creative products that promote happiness not only mentally but also physically. I am a coffee and Jesus lover, which is why I created this brand to make cups and share my faith.

I want to make a welcoming environment for everyone, especially moms who have struggled with their mental health after having babies and those in all stages of knowing Jesus. Everyone is welcomed here with open arms, if that's you supporting my business or simply needing someone to talk to, I am always available to hear you out because I know how important it is to have someone to talk to without any judgment in return.

I added a contact form below if you would like to talk, if you want to stay anonymous just don't add a name, if I can share your story write *share* after you're done writing your message!

I hope my products make you happy just as much as it makes me by making them.

Need someone to talk to? Message me!